Why Use Your Affiliate Program’s Products?

Once you have researched and found and Affiliate/MLM program that you are comfortable with and you are ready to begin building your new home business in earnest, you are likely to hear the same word drummed into you like some incessant mantra: “Downline”, “Downline”, “Downline”.

In the early phase of creating your home business endeavor you may easily be lead to the assumption that it is your sole purpose to build an enormous downline and as a result, you will somehow automatically achieve home business success.

The following may come as a shock to some new MLM entrepreneurs: simply “having” an enormous downline does not guarantee you success.

The key to downline successes is possessing a WORKING downline of individuals who are promoting and successfully selling your program’s products.

At the core of any legitimate MLM program is a solid array or quality products that you and your downline may promote, sell, and profit from.

Leading your downline by example will likely enhance the likelihood of your success. If you simply instruct your downline to build a dowline of their own you will wind up with legions of people underneath you achieving absolutely nothing.

Your MLM purpose should be two-fold. Yes! First and foremost build a large downline. It is essential. Secondly and equally importantly instruct your downline to become intimately familiar with the products that are made available for them to market and then instruct them in promotional methods.

Likely, if you are involved with a quality program, the products could easily number in the hundreds. Clearly, it will be difficult for you or your downline to become intimately familiar with each and every product your program offers.

It is not essential to know the intricacies of each and every product your program offers. A wonderful tool for success exists within the MLM business opportunity. It is known as niche-marketing.

In general terns, certainly you and your downline should be promoting and offering all of your program’s products. Niche-marketing however, allows one to specialize and garner expertise and thereby greater profit with one or several related products.

Likely your program offers a product, or “family” of products that interest you particularly as an individual. It is highly recommended that you begin to use these products of interest yourself on a regular basis. If you have an interest in a particular product or products, then you are likely already purchasing and using some other “brand” of that product. Simply switch to your program’s product and begin using it and in that manner you aren’t really expending any extra money.

Once confident and pleased with utilizing your program’s products that interest you, the wonderful by-product will be that promoting the product will not feel like a “job” to you, it will be a pleasure. This is one of the benefits of owning a home business. You will be using products that you like and you will be having fun promoting and profiting from them.

The synergistic beauty of a large downline and niche-marketing combined is that each of us are individuals with differing interests. Therefore if you have a large dowline of individuals with varying interests and you have instructed them to promote and utilize products of personal interest, then likely the full array of products offered by your program will be actively marketed and sold by your downline. Thus, even though you are using and marketing only one or several related products that interest you personally,

You will be profiting by the size and individual tastes of your entire downline in that they will be marketing different products that are of interest to them yet you will be profiting from these efforts even though you may not have a particular interest in that product yourself!

Use your program’s products that interest you, and instruct your downline to do the same. Your business will be both enjoyable and profitable!

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