Which Are the Affiliate Programs That Work?

How about a frank discussion of what the online gurus tell you is easy as pie? How about honesty for a change?

Hear me out. Different affiliate programs all have different requirements that they ask of you. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about the intangibles. Like the amount of time you can spend on it, the amount of learning it requires, the amount of ‘selling’ it does or doesn’t demand.

The list of particulars, if you’re honest about it, is long. I like to think that every affiliate program has its own fingerprint and that you need to match your fingerprint to its for success to find a way to happen.

If you are, say, not good at all asking friends and family to do what you’re attempting to do, then even the best affiliate marketing programs that require those skills won’t be of good use to you. At all.

It’s common sense. I’m not coming out with genius material here. But it is worth repeating because your time and your money and precious to you and your family.

And finding the affiliate programs that work have to also work for you! If you’re a word smith like me, several affiliate programs are better suited to me. If you’re an HTML god, then others are better for you… And the affiliate programs that work for me won’t work as well for you.

Now, if after having read this you’re still sniffing programs that work, swing on over to my site. I have new reviews on what works for me…And I don’t have a clue when it comes to HTML!

Happy new year.

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