What is Better – AdSense Or Affiliate Programs?

Do you have a website and have a dilemma on what type of advertisements will earn you more money? Are you not sure what is better – AdSense or affiliate programs? This article will explain which websites will earn more from Google AdSense and which should go with affiliate programs.

When searching for the answer to the question what is better you should know a something about your website visitors. Why they come to your website? Can this target group to buy something? If yes, what they can be interested in? Affiliate programs are always the best solution for webs targeted to the specific group of people who may be interested to purchase something. E. g. if you run webmaster related forum, you may promote some PPC networks which pay commission for referred members. If you run soccer website, find some eShop selling soccer equipment and join their affiliate program.

In the other hand, if your visitors are not people who may be interested in commercial offers, Google AdSense will work better for you. Good example of websites which will earn more money from AdSense than from affiliate program are jokes sites, online games and other entertainment websites. Visitors of such websites are usually teenagers without money so the best way how to monetize this traffic is PPC.

When you are not sure what will generate more money for you, simply use both affiliate programs and AdSense. Compare the results, try different affiliate program to find the best converting one and spend some time with improving AdSense placement.

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