What Are The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

For those looking for a way to make substantial amounts of money through the internet, affiliate marketing provides the highest paying affiliate programs. Of course, in every business venture getting to profit big is not that easy. To earn well in affiliate marketing, you must have top quality traffic and outstanding affiliate programs that can compete with other programs and come out on top.

The highest paying affiliate programs can be found in this article and for those wanting to take advantage of earning big with these programs, just read on.

There are some valuable ideas that one should remember first before they launch their affiliate programs:

1. Length of Cookie time

Cookies identify the traffic or the affiliate sellers. When the cookies are set to 24 hours and a person visiting a site is referred to that other website to buy a product, the person who referred the buyer will receive a commission if the buyer procures a product within 24 hours.

2. Platform

Some people use blog sites while others use Squidoo or HubPages to market affiliate products.

Here are the following affiliate programs that are very lucrative:


Selling software programs online is always a lucrative business and since there are so many of them it is quite easy to search for the right products. One company that is very lucrative in this business is RegNow. This company sells software programs through the Internet and not through snail mail. This minimizes costs and delivery time and people can even sell the software to other countries due to its accessibility. One more thing that makes this company great is that their commission is much higher compared to others.

People who want to cash in on this get $ 20 for every sale they make when they refer people to RegNow. Customers who want to check out the software at RegNow can use them temporarily like a trial basis. If customers find it useful then they can opt to purchase them.

Web Hosting

Web hosting can convert traffic into profit just like most affiliate programs. Lunarpage, which is a large web hosting business establishment, is considered to be among the highest paying affiliate programs. The commission people can get from being affiliated with this company is $ 65 for every sale.

Travel Websites

For those interested in becoming affiliates with travel websites, there are numerous ways to earn just through referring someone to these websites. When the person referred to a certain travel website, such as Expedia, procures an airline transaction from that website, the person who referred that client will already get a $ 4 commission. And if someone purchases a ticket for a cruise the person who referred that person to this travel website would get a $ 20 to $ 30 commission, depending on the sales of that certain cruise.

These are just some of the highest paying affiliate programs and if one would just take some time to do some extensive research, one can find several affiliate programs that can help them earn big.

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