Make Money With Affiliate Programs

To cut a long story short, by June 2007 I had a few campaigns already turning in some fairly nice profits. I had one that was costing me just $0.10 to promote an affiliate product that pays me $20 on each sale. I noticed that at least 1 visitor in a 100 buys the product. I was therefore making about $10 profit per 100 visitors that visit that site from my link. What a relief! It means that for every 1000 visitors to that site, I was making a cool $200 in commissions! That might not mean much to you out there but for a newbie who is just coming out of a frustrating and suicidal campaign, it is like winning the Jackpot in the Lotto! And multiply that amount by the days in a month and see the result. I am sure you won’t mind making that amount of money yourself.

$6,000 in commissions is no small amount for some of us out there. When you add that to the fact that this amount is from just one affiliate product, you will appreciate what I am talking about here. And I can confidently tell you upfront that I presently promote eight of such products at the moment.

Now, that is more like it, isn’t it?

See why I thank the Almighty God that I did not succeed in shooting down our dear Hollymann?

The fact is that once you get the hang of the whole thing by properly studying the materials in this wonderful e-book called “Honest Riches” and adhere to the advices therein, you just cannot fail to get some bucks into your bank account.

At this stage, some of you folks out there must already be thinking, ‘It is easy afterall’. Just buy the e-book, read through, and that is all. You cannot be more wrong! Or should I say you cannot be wronger? (That’s how some of my folks put it, believe it or not!).

Do not forget that I did exactly just that at the initial stage only to end up with an artistically lopsided bank account! There is more to it and I believe that those who have followed the flow of this article properly so far do understand what I am talking about here.

You see, if it was so simple, even kids will drop out of school to join this train as soon as they can read and write! Believe you me, many of us go to school not for anything else other than to be in a position to make money. So why waste your precious time if you can jump the queue?

What I mean here is that at the end of the day, you need to ensure that you really digest this wonderful e-book, follow the instructions inside, and do some fine-tuning of the techniques as you get better at applying them.

For example, you still need to choose your products (the products you will be promoting) wisely.

The product of your choice should be one that will pay you a minimum of $15 per sale.

You also need to track your campaigns carefully. If you are paying $0.10 to promote a product like I did and you notice that you sent 300 or more visitors to the site in question without a sale, you need to consider dropping such a product immediately.

You also need to keep in mind the days of the week in which you do your promotions.

While some products sell better on Mondays through Fridays, others like entertainment products, sell better during the weekends.

A word, our elders say, is enough for the wise. I hope you have gained something positive from reading this article enough to galvanize you to go ahead and do all it takes to change the colour of your bank account to one that will make your bank manager rise up from his or her seat to offer you a warm handshake each time you pay a visit to your bank. Not the former ‘oh, here we go again look’ you used to receive.

See you at the very top soon!

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