High-End Paying Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – Where Can You Find Them?

Finding affiliate programs that pay you recurring commissions can be a very tiring and tedious task. After all everyone loves recurring commissions as they pay us over and over again without having to do any extra marketing.

This will allow you in time to get up to earning $50-$500 a day. This depends on how large your list size is our how much advertising you have done in order to receive as many recurring commissions as possible.

I’m going to walk you through three programs that can instantly answer your recurring affiliate commission nightmares for good.

Click-Sure – A fairly new affiliate network that offers many recurring commission paid based programs. Once you find your way around this program you will find some extremely powerful ready-made high selling products that you can take advantage of and start selling for instant recurring commissions. Always set your sights on looking for information products that charge a monthly subscription fee or have a look at membership sites any of these will do nicely for you.

Click-Bank – this program has been around for many years and has literally thousands upon thousands of products for you to choose from. Again not all are recurring commission based but you can filter out these quite easily and find tons of recurring-based products. Also you can use the Click-Bank search engine to give you even more of a chance of finding those golden nuggets.

Look For Privately Owned Affiliate Products – As you progress in Internet marketing you will literally stumble upon hundreds of affiliate information products that are not listed anywhere else on the web. Just by signing up to top Guru marketers lists you can easily spy and see what affiliate programs they are promoting. I have done this myself and found some massively and highly converting recurring commission affiliate products. Success leaves clues and this is the same when you short cutting your way to finding the top affiliate programs that you can promote straightaway or massive commissions.

Empower Network – This network has become very popular because it mainly focuses on just recurring paying commission products. Some of these products are paying anywhere between $20-$100 giving you a wide range of niche networks and a great price range you can test to see which is going to be most profitable to you.

Hope you enjoyed these short cut ways to finding recurring affiliate commission based programs that can literally save you months of frustration.

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