Explaining The P90X Affiliate Program

The P90X Affiliate Program is an opportunity for any individual, age 18 or older in The United States or Canada, to earn commissions by promoting the fitness program. The official term for affiliates is Beachbody Coach. Let's look at the most common questions, and then I will fill you in on more information that I feel is important to know before signing to this opportunity.

How do I make money with the P90X Affiliate Program?
There are several different ways that affiliates earn money. The first was is very straight forward. It is the 25% commission. Any time that you refer a customer to, not only P90X, but any of the Beachbody programs, you earn a 25% commission. With most of Beachbody's programs that will make you about $ 30. There are also bonuses paid out if you help other people promote the programs. By referring other coaches, and helping them make sales, you can earn bonuses based on their volume.

How do I make sales?
There are a few different options that you can use to make sales. When you become a coach, you receive several websites. You can simply refer people to the proper site, they make the purchase, you get paid. Many coaches use fit clubs. They get small groups together in their home area to workout together, trying out a fitness program. They then make sales through that. Challenge groups are another very effective way to make sales. This can be done through social media, which expands your reach greatly. You create a group of people interested in the program to all start doing it at the same time. This allows everyone to hold each other accountable. The way that I make most of my sales is through my fitness blog. This technique is not used by the majority of coaches, but if you know what you are doing, it can be very effective. Some people used paid advertising, while others use word of mouth. Basically, there are a lot of different options when you become a P90X Affiliate.

Will I need to pay taxes on what I make?
That depends on how much you make. When you join, you are essentially opening your own business. If you make more than $ 600 through Beachbody, you will receive a 1099, which requires you to pay taxes. However, it s important to know that since you now own a business, you have deductions. You can deduct the expenses associated with your businesses. These may include any coaching fees, products that you buy, part of your internet, cell phone, even you rent or mortgage if you are using a home office.

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