Affiliate Programs

What is an affiliate program?

An Affiliate program is the easiest means for a beginner to start and earn money online, as most of them are free to join. It is basically a company that offers you the chance to sell their products and make a profit by doing so. Many of these affiliate programs will even provide you with a website and sample ads to get you started.

The Internet Marketing Center provides you a product called Internet Marketing course that shows you how to make money on the Internet. The Internet Marketing Center formed their affiliate program so that they can sell their product by the people all over the Internet. When you join as an affiliate you are provided by a special tracking code that is put at the end of your Internet address, given to you. When the visitor buys the Internet marketing course the tracking code is noted down and is then awarded to the seller.

Several companies had established affiliate programs since it allows them to have their products sold by a wide range of people. It is also beneficial for us because we can advertise or sell nearly thousands of products without actually creating the product.

Several companies online will give you commissions to assist them sell their products. By placing banners or text ads on your website and by promoting their products you can earn money from them. You get a commission on any sale that originated on your site. The merchant safely delivers the product. Commissions in the affiliate program vary from 2% to 75%.

However the most of the beginners find a great difficulty in earning money because most people have no idea how to promote affiliate programs effectively. So most of them usually give up after a few weeks or months in frustration.

The best possible alternative for enduring success in affiliate marketing is to build your own website with worth content and learn how to optimize it to get a top ten search engine ranking. Then add affiliate programs that are suitable to the theme of your site.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program should be selected according to the types of people visiting your website and not according to the payment scheme. You must know your target audience while choosing an affiliate program.

For instance, if you are targeting a business man on your site, links which affiliates with marketing software, business related e-books and the like may generate more revenue than banners that link to web hosting companies.

The important point to remember while selecting an affiliate program is that, do you really want to join each and every single affiliate program that comes your way or not? A few studies have shown that sites that make most of the money from affiliate programs are affiliated to only small number of programs. Advertising for hundreds of various affiliate networks on the site, possibly will raise your income to only a few dollars per month from each network. If the least value paid to you by the advertiser's is much more than what you can earn each month, then it may take a long time so as to accrue you enough to be paid.

But this formula does not hold true for every page on your site. For instance, if an affiliate network only supports one or two appropriate advertisers for a particular theme of your site then you may want to sign up for a few affiliate networks so as to get a greater number of relevant advertisers. Finally, advertisements that are applicable to your audience are more likely to be taken up than general advertisements.

How To Earn Money with Affiliate Programs?

After signing up for an affiliate program, you might have dreamt of untold riches that comes simply with having a website, until you got the first check.

But many new web designers have established the fact that, it doesn't work quite so smoothly. As time and time again your reality checks comes out to be your first month check.

Following are some tips to assist you boost your takings from your advertisements.

1. Time

Before you quit or take a wrong step always remember that like many other things, these things take time. For a lot of webmasters starting out with their first affiliate program, their first month's earnings is usually much below their expectations. The income increases as you modify your site along with the advertisements and the banners you use.

2. Targeting Your Advertisements

Till you sign up for one of those programs that will rotate ads on your site automatically, you should try to fit attractive or appealing banners and links that you display on your site to the audience. Such as, if your site is about sports, put up advertisements and banners that would have impact on the people who come to your site. A Sports sites would create curiosity of at least three types of people: youngsters, Coaches of the various teams and the young athletes.

Design the advertisements that would create interest of such persons. But this does not mean that you keep out all other types of advertisements. Numbers of ads are common enough to plea to many types of audience.

3. Ads About Free Stuff Do Better

When buy something from a shop we expect to pay money for the goods we have purchased. But when we visit a website, we bring with us an unusual attitudes. We expect information, goods and services free of charge.

Due to these advertisements about things that your visitors can obtain free, will generally charge better than those that they have to pay for.
Try out the liberated matters that your affiliate program offers you, on your site to see how it performs.

4. Traffic is everything

To cover people clicking on banners and taking up the offers given there, you need to work on the traffic going through your site. There's no substitute for this. No modifications of your advertisements are going to help you if you have only a few visitors going to your site each day.

Keep in mind that every visitor is not going to click on your banner. So you must create sufficient traffic to earn some income.

5. Content is King

There are many webmasters that had made quick money by loading up their site with affiliate program links. Their site comprises of nothing more but advertising links, along with comments like these are "fantastic offers", "great offers", "and best". I'm sure you've seen those sites too.

If your site is like this, then you should be aware of the fact that hostile endorsement may get you many visitors, but those visitors are unlikely to bookmark your site and return for more. Even some of them will be soon so fed up that they won't even look at what you have to say.

So it is better if your website has a genuine content. Everlasting lists of advertising links may fool some people for a short time, but not for long.

6. Credibility

A number of advertisers offer you to personally recommend their products, and if you do so, the advertising link will be more beneficial to you. It is beneficial until you yourself have used their product or service. You must also consent that putting, because such a link can be counter productive.

There is a bond of faith between you and your visitors. People usually commence normally believing what you say, until you reveal that you are just a salesperson trying to make quick money.

As a matter fact if you don't really know much about a product, or had not tried it, do not pretend otherwise. Evidently if you're using it yourself and think it is perfect, by all means, then only you should recommend it. Basically the honesty is the best policy

7. Text Links Vs Banners

Nowadays some of the sites allege that text links are far better than banner links. While others claim that banners are coming into trend again. Such extensive claims have qualified somewhat.

But the reality is that text links, which are element of the content on your site, will usually do better than banners or other text links.

The webmasters of some sites using a detailed long advertising copy for their link have actually found that long stories like these works are well for their type of audience. You may perhaps perform some test on your own site to see which type of text advertising work for your audience.

Though with the banners, they seem to work all right on the site, but remember the one on the main page have an affinity to charge well since more people stopover those than the sub-pages.

8. Rotations and Weeding

Always observe your advertising statistics. If an ad does fine in the beginning, and its performance slowly drops over time, it is perhaps time to rotate that banner or button. Furthermore there is a great possibility that people might stop seeing the advertisement if it remains for a long time on the page. At times you can extend the life of the advertisement by simply using a different banner from the same advertiser

Similarly, if an advertisement rarely has any takers, then eliminate it. There are number of reasons for which the banners that are too wordy often have this deterrent effect or your site's target audience is not attracted in this type of service or product. Don't stick with it just because it has a high payment rate, what's the point of a high payment rate if no one ever takes it.

Most of all, keep patient. Carry on working to improve your traffic and modifying the ads that appear on your pages. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Affiliate Program Directories

Browse the subsequent directories and you will find thousands of affiliate programs, which you can join for free and earn money.


Clickbank has over 10,000 individual products; many are ebooks, software and services. Commissions are paid every 2 weeks. Clickbank is free to join.


Linkshare has some of the biggest brand name merchants in its directory including Dell, Disney, GE and more …

Earn Money with Share a sale

Share a sale is another excellent network that offers a growing list of quality affiliate program.

Other affiliate directories and programs worth looking at include SiteSell, FineClicks, Commission Junction, Internet Marketing Center and Tiger Direct.

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