Affiliate Programs – Can They Make You Wealthy?

Having tried a few MLM schemes offline, I ventured into the Internet and one particular MLM program that had this system where you could supposedly build your MLM business via the Internet.

It required more money for me to do this though, I found it interesting as I had been told it would cost me no more than purchasing some item monthly. They call it Autoship. I quickly decided that this MLM system was not for me as I did not expect to fork out any more cash than what I committed to when I signed up.

I did however find out about other ways of creating some cash flow on your Computer. Heck there were even people telling me that they had this system and that system and it would cost you nothing or maybe peanuts to get an online business up and running and before you know it, you’re making money while you sleep.

After 10 months of getting knocked around in the “Affiliate” school of hard knocks. The holes in my pockets were big enough to lose several thousand dollars through, which I did. Being too chicken to tell Wifey, I kept this all hush hush for as long as I could. You know, seeing as I love my Wife so much I didn’t want to upset her and, knowing deep down, that there is a lot of gold so to speak, on the Internet. One only needs to dig around long enough and in the right places to find it. Right?

Yeah Right! I got a little disillusioned with this Affiliate Marketing thing and started to think, Affiliate Marketing does not seem to work for me or, is it the product I’m trying to promote? Can Affiliate Marketing really create wealth?

I’ve read and heard how so many people starting out on the Internet, became wealthy through affiliate marketing. It is suppose to be the best place to start your Internet Marketing carrier. Right?

Remember those screen dumps of Paypal and ClickBank accounts with all this money being paid into it on some Affiliate Sales Page? Well that is what I kept seeing in my minds Eye. I started thinking that I had not yet found the right program. The one that would make me wealthy. Did you ever say the same thing to yourself when you were starting out? If you are just starting out, a phrase of advice, because a word won’t do it. There is no one specific affiliate program that will turn you into a Millionaire. Okay, so it was a small Sentence, just keep it in mind, it will hopefully serve you better than it did me.

I found a lot of marketers out there that are very genuine about their affiliate products and the programs they have in place to promote them. In my experience as a Newbie, there was always some ingredient missing that became a deterrent to my successfully creating any affiliate cash flow from promoting it.

The fault here was with me. My mind set was not in the right Zone to truly go forth and conquer this IM Beast. Guess what I did? I’d look for the next opportunity. Aren’t Credit Cards great!

After discovering that my Credit Card was chewing up cash, faster than our Cars were guzzling Petrol. I had to stop and re-evaluate where I was going with my Internet Marketing Venture.

At the time I was going to make mega bucks. I needed to be doing something. What exactly that some thing was I had no Idea. As all I was doing, was reading all these hundreds of emails trying to get me to buy some product or become a member of some Site. Worse still was the time I spent reading every eBook and Report I could get my hands on.

Biggest time waster when you’re starting out are those hundreds of emails you sign up to receive, along with all the Ebooks that take up space on your hard drive. It’s always going to cost you, either in your time or your pocket. You need to screen those that are a waste of time and those you want to continue to hear from and unsubscribe to the rest.

Anyway, here I am eight months later and I finally decide that I needed to decide on one program, get me a website of sorts and learn how to get traffic to it. So I decided on one that was a step by step affiliate marketing system which showed me how to get 4 money making websites and 1 Blog that I can use to drive traffic to my 4 money making websites. I followed the instructions and here I am after almost a year, finally with a Website or 5 and moving on to the next step.

Any Affiliate worth their weight in gold will create an Affiliate Program that basically does everything for you. Well nearly Aye! Let me see, the truth is, you’ll always have to do some work, no matter what.

The best Affiliate Programs will give you all the tools and resources you need to get started and show you how to put it all together. It’ll then teach you how to go about getting traffic to your sites. After all what good is having all the Websites on the net and no one knows that they are there.


So find your Affiliate program and put your plan together and follow it to the Money. You can make good money promoting affiliate programs.

Good Luck.

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