Affiliate Marketing – What is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

If you are doing affiliate marketing, one of the best affiliate programs that you can join is the Pay Per Lead model. Pay Per Lead programs can be simply defined as a program which you will be paid commissions for every person that signs on to the merchant’s opt in list. In this article, I will list what are the advantages and disadvantages of this pay per lead affiliate programs and where can you find this kind of programs.

The major advantages that pay per lead affiliate programs have over other kind of affiliate programs is that the visitor that you bring to the merchant’s site simply do not have to buy anything. All the visitor need to do is to just sign up a online form and when the visitor has confirm that he is inside the merchant’s opt in list, you will be paid. The paid out commissions on average is around $1.50 per lead. So the more people that you can bring to join the merchant’s opt in list, the more that you will earn.

The disadvantage that pay per lead program has is that the commission that is being paid is not as much as the pay per sale affiliate programs. Another disadvantage is that there are some websites that only want leads from certain country; it will not be easy for you to send targeted leads if your websites accepts visitors from all over the world.

Despite the disadvantages that per per lead affiliate programs have, it is still a very lucrative business to do as you will not have to sell them anything. So where can you find this kind of pay per lead programs? The 1st website that you can go to is The 2nd website that you can go to is Both of these sites will require you to sign up a account but it will be free.

I hope that you will find this article useful and you have learned the advantages of using a pay per lead affiliate programs. Do take a look at the 2 websites which I have listed above and all the best to your affiliate marketing business.

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