Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide

Many people think that it is difficult to make money through Affiliate Marketing. Probably it is because of the jargon and the use of technology like affiliate links. Some people believe that earning money through direct selling is easier to manage. What many do not realize is that the potential to earn out of Affiliate Marketing is limitless. Let us now take you into the journey of your affiliate marketing career.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is an activity where you sell the goods or services of other people, not yours. In exchange, these merchants give you a fraction of their profits.

How much can you earn from these sales? Many affiliate programs offer a minimum of 10% from the sales price. Some will offer up to a whopping 50%. So imagine if the sales price is $ 100.00 USD, you get $ 50.00. Multiply this by 100 sales per month and you get $ 5,000.00 USD per month. And this is only for a single product.

In a nutshell, you need to look for merchants who have affiliate marketing programs. Once you find one, you need to sign up for the program and you will receive a link. This link for is unique for every affiliate marketer. This is your identifier.

What you need to do with this link is to put it out on the web. You can either hyperlink to a word or to a picture. Anybody who clicks this link will be taken to the merchant's website. If this person makes a purchase, the merchant will know that you were the referrer. After the cut-off, the merchant will distribute the commissions to all his affiliates.

Selecting What to Sell

Just what exactly is a niche? We have heard this so many times but its definition remains elusive. A niche is a specialization. It is a topic or an area that you can further breakdown. An example of a niche is toys. You can break this niche further down into drones or remote control cars. Another example is beauty products. You can drill down this niche further into make-up or perhaps whitening products.

Without the right niche, you will not become profitable. How can you sell something when you are selling everything?

The niche you select must be something that you really find interesting. Better yet, it must be a niche where you have a certain degree of expertise on. Selling a product that you like makes work enjoyable. As a result, you do not view your efforts as labor but you look at them as fun and fulfilling activities.

The niche you select must also have a high demand. Despite doing what you love, you cannot earn money if there is no demand for the product you sell. There has to be enough people out there who are willing to buy what you are offering.

A profitable niche is something that has a lot of potential to scale and develop. The best example that we can give you is digital products. Selling digital products can be a great way to achieve your financial goals. The product you choose must also have the backing of many companies that offer affiliate programs.

A great example to demonstrate this is the niche of weight loss. Perhaps you find it exciting to help people learn and understand ways on how to lose weight. You feel satisfied to help people live healthier lifestyles. Weight loss is considered as an "evergreen" niche because it is a product that people will always be interested in.

Another example is pets. This is a billion dollar industry and pet owners spend crazy amounts of money for their pets-from food to toys and pet clothing. You name it. You can sell books about pet training and healthcare.

The key to selecting a niche is finding the right balance between your interest and its potential to earn. You need to concentrate on topics that you love, and at the same time these topics must be marketable.

Planning Your Business and Staying Focused

The common pitfall of affiliate marketers is their inability to focus. They do so many things at once that they lose sight of the meaningful things and activities that make sense. They try to enroll in many affiliate programs at a time, in different niches, and they get bogged down with the ton of work they need to do.

Although many experts will tell you to launch multiple niches all at once, we must disagree to this because there is no way you can get organized and focused if you tackle too many niches all at once. We believe that people must start with one niche, plan the approach carefully, stay focused on the activities, and then launch the product. Once it becomes profitable, then it is time to move on to the next.

People who are new to the online marketing business must also have a marketing approach. Just posting online will not make the cut. You need to have a focused strategy as there is too much room for error. And one error can cost you. What we recommend is for you to start a blog. Make sure you upload articles regularly. After mastering the blog, and only after, then it is time to move to social media. As often said, you must lay one brick at a time to build your house.

If blogging is not your forte, the other route to take is You Tube. You can create video content and upload it in your own channel. The idea is that you provide your subscribers valuable information. The subscribers must learn something new from your every time they watch your videos.

It is important to note here that you should not attempt to sell the product. Your blog and video entries must teach your audience something. It is in these subject matters that you will insert, with subtlety the product that you are endorsing.

Things to Look for in an Affiliate Program

Horror stories abound about affiliate marketing programs. Some of them do not pay the affiliate and some of them are built on pyramid schemes. If you sell one of these products and they collapse, your customers will never go back to you and you can say goodbye to your business. You do not want to be associated with these illegal businesses because you are taking the risk of getting sued.

What you want are legitimate, credible, and high quality products that will make your customers buy more. Below are a few guidelines how you can choose an affiliate program that is worth your time.

Choose Products of Your Interest

Always choose a product that is within the boundaries of your interest. You do not have to be an expert on it but at the very least, it is something that you personally care about. It will be difficult for you to stay motivated if you are selling products you are not interested in. If you are interested in a specific product, then chances are you are not alone, that there are others who are rooting for this same product.

Must be High Quality

Look for affiliate programs and merchants who sell tried and tested products. You can check this out by reading customer feedback in forums and comment sections where they vote or rate the products. Do some research and track down the affiliate members. Ask them about their experience through forums and check the credibility of the affiliate product you are selling or the affiliate program you are joining.

Choose a Growth Market

You must join affiliate products that are growing in demand. This will ensure that you will make more sales or you will get more referrals. The only way you can do this is by checking reliable feedback and looking at the sales stats of the product you chose.

Choose a Good Compensation Plan

A 5% commission is just not worth it, unless the product you are selling is real estate. A great choice is a product that pays out 40% in commission. Always make sure that the amount of money you earn will compensate your efforts. A good start is 25% if you cannot find a product that is in the 40% commission range.

Read the Fine Print

Some affiliate programs advertise unbelievable sales commissions. However, they also require sales quotas. Ask yourself if the quota is attainable. Some targets are too hard to achieve, like a $ 1000 dollar mark. Before you sign up, check the prerequisites and ask yourself carefully if these quotas are achievable in a short period of time.

Choose Programs That Offer Tools

Lastly, enroll in affiliate marketing programs that offer tools. An example of this is a dashboard of your sales. Not all affiliate programs provide visibility on statistics and this will make it too difficult for you to make decisions. At the very least, the affiliate programs you join should provide you your current sales and your current compensation. Choose those that allow you to check your current sales performance online anytime, anywhere.

Understanding the Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

Since we are on it, we will discuss the most common mistakes done by affiliates. These mistakes are costly and as a result, many affiliates do not reap the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Mistake Number 1: Choosing the Wrong Affiliate

Just because a company offers an affiliate marketing program does not mean it is reliable and credible. We have mentioned this earlier but we need to reiterate this. Do not join bandwagon type of products-products that are a one-hit-wonder. Anything that is selling like pancake should be avoided.

Choose a product that is in demand even without the hype. Select products that interest you, products that will still be there even if it takes you a little time to plan and get your website going. After choosing the right product, conduct your own research and see if they are in demand. It is easier to promote a product that you believe in than promoting a product you couldn't care less about.

Mistake Number 2: Joining Too Many Programs

It is possible that your first affiliate program is successful and this is a good teaser for you to look for more products to sell. Earning money this easy can be tempting. You might think that you have nothing to lose by joining too many affiliate programs.

On the contrary, you may find yourself drowning in a lot of work. Maintaining the quality of one website and its contents is taxing enough, let alone manage multiple sites. What happens next is you lose focus on the same affiliate programs that have earned you money. Therefore, you will not realize the maximum potential of a program if you are out of focus.

The best way to circumvent this is to get enrolled in a program that pays 40% in commission. This will yield a reasonable profit if you concentrate your best efforts and keep consistently focused.

Mistake Number 3: Not Knowing How the Product Works

Many affiliate marketers choose a product to sell without trying it themselves. Remember that as an affiliate, you are primarily endorsing someone else's product and service and as such, you cannot highlight the qualities of a product you have not tried.

It will be easier for you to sell a product or service if you have experienced it firsthand. If the product is bad, then you will spare yourself the agony of selling something that will never be patronized by customers. Trying the product yourself will give you a personal experience. It will be easy for you to create a desire and need for the product because you are a living testimonial to what you are selling.

Besides, you can honestly point out the advantages and disadvantages of the product you are endorsing. Your customers will see and feel the truthfulness in your blogs and the sincerity in your sales pitches. With such strong credibility, it is highly impossible not to drive sales if your customers' expectations are set properly. You will not make ludicrous claims about the product then end up having bad reviews.

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Why People Go Crazy About Per Lead Affiliate Program Marketing

If you are an Internet Marketer, you would know that there is never a day that you don't come across any discussion on pay per lead affiliate marketing in the Internet. This phenomenon is good since if offers many marketers new business opportunities as well as fresh ideas to make money. However it may be a real challenge to find which CPA programs suit your business needs and your interest. Here is some help that you may find useful to make your decision:

1. When is Payment Made

An affiliate gets paid a commission by the advertiser when a certain required action has been completely performed by a prospective customer using the affiliate link. This is a major benefit of CPA since there isn't any requirement to solicit or complete any sale.

2. Customized Landing Pages

Most pay per lead companies usually provide good and customized landing pages to their affiliates to facilitate getting better signups or leads from their customers. They do this to increase their own earned income as well.

3. 2-Tier Affiliate Program

Another feature of Pay per lead affiliate marketing programs is that they offer multi-tier affiliate programs, allowing affiliates to sign up more affiliates under their names.

4. How Much You Can Make

You much you stand to earn is determined by the amount of money these advertisers are prepared to pay when they bid for the leads they received. It can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars for each lead.

5. Advertisers' Delight

Many advertisers favor pay per lead programs simply because they can effectively bring down their advertising costs since they only pay upon receiving the leads.

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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare With Other Programs?

Wealthy Affiliate is a well known affiliate program on the internet that has convinced many to join in due to its immense popularity and the number of people coming out to share their success stories. But one of the major determiners about the ability of an affiliate program to truly deliver is when it is placed in comparison against other affiliate programs around.

So, how does the peogram fare against its closest competitors in the market? Below are three of the closest competitors for this program today and some information that will help you weigh in your decision on which is the best affiliate program to opt for.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Profit Lance

Profit Lance is the strongest competitor to Wealthy Affiliate. The program comes with a comprehensive training for its new members. However, there seems to be an inadequate amount of instruction provided for its members. You will also have access to sites ready for launch for a reasonable price of around $80.

The downside to the program is that it is more about providing fundamental information on internet marketing, as well as some tips to help beginners get started. If you want more advanced training for affiliate marketing, then here is where WA earns the approval.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Honest Riches

Another program that has been giving Wealthy Affiliate a major competition is Honest Riches. It comes in an e-book format authored by Holly Mann wherein she provides a detailed instruction on proper search engine optimization, essentials to internet marketing, and other knowledge beginners wish to learn to launch their affiliate marketing career. When you purchase the e-book, you will also gain access to a forum for additional guidance into internet marketing.

However, there are some aspects of WA that make it a better choice than Honest Riches. For instance, you can gain access to tips and strategies that is not available elsewhere.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affiliate Project X

The third program to be commonly compared against Wealthy Affiliate is Affiliate Project X. The popularity of this system is undeniable and several sites review this program to give newbies a lowdown on what this program is really about and whether it is a good option for an aspiring affiliate marketer. One downside to the Affiliate Project X (despite its popularity) is that the reviews about the site are split. This therefore incites suspicion on your part, especially since the program costs $100.


There are certain advantages and disadvantages that you can enjoy by choosing either one of these programs over WA. However, the methods of the program have been proven to work and has earned lots of people a larger income than they would normally earn. But it is best to conduct a thorough research and comparison of various affiliate marketing programs to make an informed choice.

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Acme People Search Affiliate Program Review – The Super Affiliate Program That Rocks!

What is the Acme people search Affiliate Program? This is a self branded customizable free people search engine. It is an affiliate marketing tool that any affiliate marketer anywhere can use to generate affiliate commissions from nine different affiliate programs rolled in one program.

With this tool any affiliate can build residual income streams from APS, GDI and GVO using the built in referral program. Affiliate marketers can use the tool to build their list and explode their business profits with a lot of less effort and money.

The Acme People Search Affiliate Program combines the power of the internet with the high demand for people search results which stand at 30% of all searches in Google and Yahoo.

This super affiliate program uses automated marketing systems and sales funnels to provide yourself not your business opportunity to profit immediately through affiliate and cash flow programs and to effortlessly sign up new leads in your business.

The Program was created to address the four major problems faced by all internet marketers.

Lack of leads

This is the lack of quality people to show your opportunity to after you have exhausted your list of family and friends. The Affiliate Program generates unlimited quality leads on complete autopilot.

Lack of money

An internet business takes time to produce any reasonable income and in the mean time affiliate marketers run out of money before they get to profit. With the Acme People finder Affiliate Program you get into profit easily and quickly.

Lack of real marketing training

The Acme people search community of successful & helpful users provides real affiliate marketing training by affiliate marketers.

Lack of duplication

With the Program you can easily on complete autopilot help your referrals to get money into their pocket in 90 days which increases retention rate.

There are four main components of the Acme People finder Affiliate Program namely:

Lead generation

This is the lifeblood of your business. The Aps program is a lead generation tool that will assist you increase your lead generation effort.

Personal branding / Relationship building

People join people and do business with those they trust. Relationship building is vital for success in this business.

Autopilot cash flow

With the Acme people locator program, you will get into profit quickly with multiple income streams on complete autopilot.

Down line Team Building

The Acme People Search Program enables you to sign up new GDI and GVO distributors quickly and increase retention.

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Explaining The P90X Affiliate Program

The P90X Affiliate Program is an opportunity for any individual, age 18 or older in The United States or Canada, to earn commissions by promoting the fitness program. The official term for affiliates is Beachbody Coach. Let's look at the most common questions, and then I will fill you in on more information that I feel is important to know before signing to this opportunity.

How do I make money with the P90X Affiliate Program?
There are several different ways that affiliates earn money. The first was is very straight forward. It is the 25% commission. Any time that you refer a customer to, not only P90X, but any of the Beachbody programs, you earn a 25% commission. With most of Beachbody's programs that will make you about $ 30. There are also bonuses paid out if you help other people promote the programs. By referring other coaches, and helping them make sales, you can earn bonuses based on their volume.

How do I make sales?
There are a few different options that you can use to make sales. When you become a coach, you receive several websites. You can simply refer people to the proper site, they make the purchase, you get paid. Many coaches use fit clubs. They get small groups together in their home area to workout together, trying out a fitness program. They then make sales through that. Challenge groups are another very effective way to make sales. This can be done through social media, which expands your reach greatly. You create a group of people interested in the program to all start doing it at the same time. This allows everyone to hold each other accountable. The way that I make most of my sales is through my fitness blog. This technique is not used by the majority of coaches, but if you know what you are doing, it can be very effective. Some people used paid advertising, while others use word of mouth. Basically, there are a lot of different options when you become a P90X Affiliate.

Will I need to pay taxes on what I make?
That depends on how much you make. When you join, you are essentially opening your own business. If you make more than $ 600 through Beachbody, you will receive a 1099, which requires you to pay taxes. However, it s important to know that since you now own a business, you have deductions. You can deduct the expenses associated with your businesses. These may include any coaching fees, products that you buy, part of your internet, cell phone, even you rent or mortgage if you are using a home office.

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How to Make Passive Income As an Affiliate Marketer

Searching for the perfect affiliate program

  1. Go for affiliate programs, which cover numerous niches. For instance, Amazon affiliate program covers just about all niches possible when it comes to eBooks, physical products and a lot more. On the other hand, you will find some places where you can sign up and they represent as the main affiliate for thousands of companies.
  1. Search for your favorite search engine and enter you niche and the affiliate program. For instance; singing + affiliate program. Then, you will be provided with some options in the singing niche.

There are thousands of places marketers like you could be an affiliate, which includes online digital items at the same time places where you can sign up and get access to participate in private affiliate programs.

So How can you Build Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing?

The key here is very simple. Make a very simple yet a very efficient review product / website / group product. It is important that you learn some SEO and basic traffic generating technique.

Does it work?

With commitment, attitude and right training, expect that it will absolutely work for you. Remember that if this whole money-making thing is new to you, it is important that you do not distress yourself with making the website. For instance, if you have a business in a box-training, you could have your site up and running in just less than five minutes along with no skills or prior experience.

Thus, let's think that you have your own free site from a trusted and recommended source. Now, what are you going to do? Within the training you will talk more about the niche. You are aware that niche is the category, product, hobby and interest, etc. once you have a site about Golf umbrellas, then your niche would be Golf Umbrellas. Therefore, you could name your site something like

Along with the training, it is better if you look forward a little. You should think about what your new site will look like. For instance, "Classic Golf umbrellas" as a section of the site, "Golf Umbrellas" for all gender for the next section, and more. In this way, you could plan on which keywords you will search for.

How about the keywords?

Keywords are the secret words, which only the keyword tools could tell. They are the words utilized by people in the Google Search. As an affiliate marketer your job is to know how many times every month someone searches for the phrases "What is the best golf umbrella" as a good example.

With these steps on how to generate passive income, you should remember that it would take you some time and effort to achieve the best result. However, through commitment and passion in doing this, for sure you are not far from reaching that goal.

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A Secret Clickbank Affiliate Program

Back in 2004, I wish I knew what I know now. I would start up a campaign and I would receive a significant amount of traffic, but it just wouldn't convert!

After I began niche marketing, my challenge was always to find highly converting products to promote. If the traffic is high for one niche, chances are that the competition is going to be high as well. If the competition for one niche is low, chances are the traffic is pretty low as well.

So here we are with this common dilemma: Find niches that have some traffic, have low competition and convert like mad.

So we turn to Clickbank affiliate programs. Page 10 of the clickbank marketplace is where an obscure product is selling with 16 gravity, looks like something that is alone in the marketing world, with traffic you absolutely know exists: What do we do? We set up a 5 adgroup AdWords campaign, use the main keywords and watch the clicks come in. You check your Clickbank account after 45 minutes and you are amazed that 3 sales came in and you look forward to expanding the campaign.

I have tried to launch other products that looked like they would convert like hotcakes, only to find myself in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčopposition being forced to pay an arm & a leg for exposure or find myself in the way back without being seen. After paying more per click and getting the traffic, I see people clicking & not buying because it is such a large niche, large product, people are familiar with it, they may have an account already, they may have had an account in the past , etc.

Clickbank has quick & easy high converting digital products, good payouts and recently implemented recurring billing and trials, so you may stumble into a goldmine.

As you may already know, to make money with clickbank affiliate programs is like driving fast with a ferrari. Clickbank is a highly competitive marketplace like no other. The engineering of the tracking and the payment system is top notch, completely errorless, and they have state of the art tools and analytics.

Like other offers online, you will run into your own challenges with Clickbank. A "high selling" Clickbank product with 400 gravity is usually not the best idea. It will be darn hard to sell with an overload of competition. Sure, there probably is a reason for the high gravity, high sales, but you most likely missed the boat, your probably too late to cash in with a high selling product.

The solution? Find smaller niches on Clickbank! Hip hop beats affiliate programs, Marine bootcamp guides, How to get your girl back, etc. Smaller, more obscure niches do not have as much competition. Sometimes they convert much, much better as well. They convert, they do not have competition, and some of them even have significant traffic! There are a few Clickbank affiliate programs that have continued to produce incredible products for everyday marketers to promote and make a lot of money with. It is important to find a clickbank affiliate program that cares about your efforts, and not just about producing products in niches that have a lot of traffic, but are impossible to sell.

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Affiliate Program for Hip Hop Beats

Affiliate programs are a great way to start making money on the internet without developing your own product. Many website owners give reasonable commissions for you to promote their products for them and split a percentage of the profits with you. One of the best products to promote online is hip hop beats.

The hip hop beat industry online is growing larger everyday and more artist are looking on the internet for music production for their mixtapes and albums. This means there is potential for anyone to become an affiliate marketer in the beat industry and make money. What you need to do is follow a few simple steps to get started, and you can become a successful affiliate marketer with a great hip hop beat affiliate program.

Quality Beats

There are many sites online that offer you a percentage for your affiliate traffic and sales. However, you have to pick wisely when it comes to the music production you choose to market. Many sites have a program for you to market but the beats that are used will not sell very well for you. Also, the beats may be priced to high and you will not see a good return for your marketing effort. What you need to do is only promote quality beats and beats that are priced with great offers attached. Once you find this, then you can sign up for the affiliate program and be sure that your efforts will pay off.

Joining the Affiliate Program

Many programs want you to do all of the work and not pay a reasonable percentage. Whatever you do, don’t join a program that pays you less than 50% commission. Anything less than 50% is not worth your time to promote. Once you learn their program guidelines, you want to make sure they are using a reputable system or a trustworthy company that keeps track of your affiliate sales. Just a little research will go a long way to protect your investment of time spent on the program.

Marketing the Beats

Now that you are ready to go, it’s time to make some moves to start marketing beats online. First thing you do is sign up for all the forums that have independent music artist there. These forums are where you can introduce the beats you are promoting. You must know the forum guidelines so you don’t get in trouble for spam. Next you start your own blog and use the keywords in your blog that would attract the search engines for the beats you are promoting. Place your affiliate links and banners on your blog to get tracked for the traffic you send to the website you promote. If you can, it would be smart to build a lead capture page to gain the emails of potential beat buyers before you send them to the website you promote. This way you can always have a list of potential buyers on hand when you choose to market another affiliate program offering hip hop beats.

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Vimax Affiliate Program – Pros & Cons

I’ve been an affiliate for Vimax for over four years now and during that time they are the only affiliate program that I’ve consistently had success with month after month. Over that period I’ve earned nearly $60,000 promoting this product and I know I could have made a lot more if I was more resourceful and dedicated to the task.

But does that mean marketing this product is all roses? No. That’s what this article is about, the pros and the cons of the Vimax affiliate program.

The Pros

1. Consistently high conversion rates. I have promoted a lot of affiliate programs over the years, including a lot of the other brands in the male enhancement niche and I’ve never found anything that consistently makes a higher rate of sales than Vimax.

2. High average commissions. I sometimes make over $200 on a single sale. The money can add up fast with those kind of commissions. Since I started out with them over 4 years ago I’ve made an average of about $80 per sale.

3. Getting paid weekly. Not only do they pay out every week but I’ve never had them be late with a payment. I’ve had a lot of problems elsewhere with getting paid, so this is a big factor.

The Cons

1. The male enhancement market can be difficult to promote. What I mean by that is that I often run into roadblocks when trying to promote Vimax. For example I’m a big article marketer and some article submission services that I use don’t allow for articles about this niche. Luckily, there is one such service that does allow for articles about this niche (and any other) and that’s Article Marketing Automation.

2. Vimax isn’t as popular as some of the other brands in this niche. This is both a good and a bad thing actually. It means there’s not quite as much competition, but it also means there are not as much brand awareness.

3. Your conscience. You may feel bad promoting this type of product but you have to assume that anyone who orders it really does want it and that it does have some positive effects (even if they may be somewhat overblown on the sales page. I can’t say for certain because I’ve never tried it myself of course!)

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Affiliate Marketing and the Benefits of Affiliate Networks is one of the first online marketers that started using affiliate marketing methods and advanced them into what it is today. Many other people and organizations have also started to use affiliate marketing as a way to market their products too.

Unlike some of its competitors, Amazon does not pay much money to its affiliates. Yet it still retains a big market share of the worldwide online transaction. Amazon has such a very big impact in the online marketing that no established online marketer can say that they have never been associated with Amazon. So far it holds the largest market share in online marketing affiliate programs.

To earn money as a website owner you must first register with Amazon or any other affiliate programs. You will then put the products, banners and links on the website. When a person purchases any item through your link you will be paid a small commission for facilitating the sale.

Depending on the affiliate program the online marketer will only pay money if a certain objective has been met. Amazon will only pay the affiliate if a sale is made through your link. Other affiliate programs may involve having a certain number of clicks through you link. In the latter business model, purchase is not taken into consideration. Therefore as long as there a click, you would be paid a fee even if there is no purchase of product.

Payment schemes for actual products may also vary with some affiliate marketers paying as much as 15%. On the other hand some major players may even pay as low as 1% depending on the item purchased. Credit card companies will also offer varying rates to all its customers.

It is possible to be paid even more by promoting digital products such as ebook, audio and video downloads. It is not surprising to see commission ranging from 50% to 70% for the sale of such products.

In affiliate marketing it is always wise to consider bringing a group of members commonly know as an affiliate marketer. Instead of always depending on websites one can develop his own affiliate program though this requires a lot of devotion, hard work and patience. If this is executed well, your results will shoot through the roof.

Many individually owned affiliate programs that are developed by individual companies shrank just after the launch of affiliate networks. These affiliate networks acts as an aggregator of many individual programs. As such all you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer on these affiliate networks to have access to multiple affiliate programs. The two best known affiliate networks are Commission Junction and Link share.

Affiliate marketing is just basically connecting the buyers and sellers. If there is a sale, the affiliate marketer would be rewarded with a certain fee or commission by the sellers.

Affiliate marketing is known for its low risks; in that it can be used as a research tool to gauge the market response to the product. In addition the company will only pay based on sale rather just effort.

In order to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you have to develop a positive attitude and also have a knowhow. This knowhow involves knowing how to promote the products, through having the correct keywords and having the correct traffic to your website.

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